February 2018 News

Presidents Message

As I sit by the ocean (on the island of Kauai), I watch the paddle borders manipulate the waves, looking graceful as they catcha wave and follow it into the shore (well, some of them are graceful). I am studying them with a new viewing point, that is,using the principles of composition described by turn of the century author, Arthur Wesley Dow. Arthur Dow was inspired by Japanese art, especially the prolific Hiroshige Ando. In his book, he suggests a number of exercises focusing first on line, then on notan (light and dark) and finally color. Photos of exercises pictured in his book remind me of the Polynesian art found so often herein Kauai. One of my favorite places Havaiki, a gallery featuring a world of Hawaiian, Polynesian, Melanesian & Oceanic art. Check out the website: https://www.havaikiart.com/

Each time I take a class or read a book is an opportunity for me to explore another style of art. Making art is about translating nature, not about transcribing it. Each of us finds our way of translating nature into art; some of us continue to experiment with a variety of techniques and styles; others find their ‘style’ more quickly. In your journey to discover your style, you have so many opportunities to explore different styles by taking one of the many workshops AWA offers. Consider taking a class…you may find a style that fits you well.

Back to the business of AWA. We are in the process of putting together a nominating committee to select officers for the upcoming year. As you are aware, our year starts in June and we need members willing to fill board member positions and members who are willing to reach out and find those members. Please consider serving your organization by either becoming an officer, or being on the nominating committee.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”  Vincent Van Gogh

Ruth Philliben, President