Board of Directors

Who’s on the Board and who are the Committee Leads?


AWA Board Members

President: Ruth Philliben

1st VP Programs: Harvey Wood

2nd VP Exhibitions: Betsy Aguirre

3rd VP Membership: Tanya Lemma

Recording Secretary:  Christine Oliver

Corresponding Secretary:  Lizbeth Gordon

Treasurer: Marilyn Burrows

WFWS Delegate:  David Amsellem

WFWS Alternate: Tanya Lemma

Director Juror Workshops: Marion Droge

Director Member Workshops: Karen Gray

Parliamentarian: Dolly Maitzen

AWA Committee Chairs

Social Committee Chair:  Sherry Whitney

Social Committee Member: Gurukirn K. Khalsa

Scholarship Chair:  Dyanne Locati

Scholarship Co-chair:  Carole Matthews

Webmaster:  David Amsellem

Webmaster Assistant:  Vivian Andersen

Honor Society: Shirley Kleppe

Honoree: Sherry Kimmel

Newsletter Editor / Publisher:  Janice Wittwer

Social Media:  Mona Houle

E-Blast Publisher: Myra Feldman


Contact Us

Please refer to our board member and committee chairperson list with any questions



PO Box 30693
Phoenix, AZ 85046