Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month:


“A work of art which does not bring emotion is not Art!”

Paul Cezanne



“Compositional know-how gives us a weapon to fight aesthetic phantoms of doubt, fear, discontent, and apathy it turs negatives into yes saying”

Frank Webb



” A Fun Tip with a  Limited palette:      Divide some of your tubes of color into:

Reds          Blues         Yellows    Earth

Close your eyes and choose a tube randomly from each pile.  Paint a unique piece using only 3 or 4 colors that you have chosen Randomly!!   Fun…Fun”

Liz Ramsey



“When using acrylics use a sealable palette with a thin layer of sponge. Then use a piece of butcher block paper for your paints.  They will stay nice and wet ”

Linda Schooley


” Good Technique may be more important in watercolor than in any other medium.

Use plenty of water and paint. The purpose of painting is not paint conservation.”

Carl Purcell


“Use stainless steel push pins to hold w/c paper on gatorboard so you can paint to the deckle edge of your paper.”

Renee Hawk


“Look for an honest critique, not just a kind one”.

Jean Rossman



”Paint things you are passionate about! Your enthusiasm and passion will radiate on the canvas/papers.”

Donna Eastman

June 2015
“If your paintings lack sparkle, try a limited palette of colors”.
Mary Valesano

May 2015
“Let your painting dry between washes to avoid muddy colors (echoed by Eric Weigardt).
Watercolors are made of either small chunks of minerals or various natural or synthetic dyes floating in Gum Arabic, which is basically clear glue.You can build up many levels of colors each separated by the clear level of gum Arabic. The separation of various colors allows the light to bounce around and produce rich colors with a lot of depth compared to having all of the minerals and pigments stirred together to make flat browns and grays. Think of it as sparkling jewels floating above the reflective paper versus a pile of mud on the paper that blocks reflection.” – Jeremy Jones

April 2015
“Make the corners (sides) of your painting smile.” – John Erwin

March 2015
“My first art instructor told me early on that you can’t have lights unless you have darks.” – Jane Underhill

AWA Calendar


General meeting  2/11, 3/10, 4/14, 4/12, 5/12
2/13/16  One Day Member Workshop with Sue Hunter,   9-4 AAG

February 15:                    Deadline for Digital Entries

3/12/16                             One Day Member Workshop with Judy Magid,   9-4 AAG

March 16:                     Artists Notified

April 2:                             Shipped Paintings are DUE

April 6:                (Wednesday) 10 to noon, Hang Show

April 6th at noon: Exhibit Opens

April 13:                 Juror selects awards

4/13-14-15             3 Day work show with Mel Stabin

April 14:               Mel Stabin gives demo at AWA Mtg at AAG Bldg

4/16 1                   Day workshop with Mel Stabin 

April 21:              Artist Reception & Awards 5:00-7:00

 May 7:                Pick-up Paintings 10 To Noon

May 12                 AWA MEETING  @ AAG building

AWA Spring Membership Show 2016

New Spring 2016 Prospectus

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The AWA 2016 Spring Membership show

Please Contact Jane Underhill at janeunderhill@msn.com

April 6 to May 6, 2016

Burton Barr Central Library  2nd Floor,   1221 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

February 15:                    Deadline for Digital Entries

March 16:                          Artists Notified

 April 2:                             Shipped Paintings are DUE

 April 6:                            10 to noon, Hang Show

April 6th at noon:             Show Opens

April 13:                            Juror Mel Stabin selects awards

April 14:                            Juror Mel Stabin gives demo at AWA Mtg at AAG Bldg