AWA Show-digital entries due in 7 weeks

gallery pan smGreetings AWA Members! Its time to go through your paintings or to make that big effort to do the ultimate painting for the next AWA show. Digital entries are due in 7 weeks, but don’t put this off until the last minute.

We’re trying a new venue this time in the West Valley Art Museum, which is actually inside Peoria City Hall. Because it is a public space, the city will be inviting members of the public to attend our reception and there will be extra efforts at publicity for this event. There is also a lot of space, so juror Bev Jozwiak and I have been talking about a show of perhaps 80 paintings. This is a good time to earn points toward signature membership.

I will also be looking for people who are interested in helping to check in paintings, to help with the hanging and to plan the reception and awards presentation. There is a rod system in place, so hanging should be easy but will take time with so many paintings. Send an e-mail if you’d like to help.

Let me know if you can’t open the Fall 2014 Prospectus Rev 3 or if you have other questions. Complete details about framing and matting will be sent to all accepted artists.

What are you waiting for? Grab that brush and get to work.

Jeremy Jones -

Featuring Candice Diaz

Today, we are featuring AWA member, Candice Diaz, Co-Director at Large for Membership Workshops.   Below we are showcasing a wonderful painting Candice did for the AWA 2013 Fall Membership Show called “Stitch in Time”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Watercolor on Scratch Board

The attached painting is just another fun thing to consider as part of the rules changes. This is a watercolor on scratch board! Basically, everything but the black is scratched off a white panel and then the white areas are painted. You can do this in a way the creates a texture on the white area that influences the look of the painted area.scratch hawk


Annual AWA Retreat

Dear AWA Board members and Committee Leads, 

It is time for our annual AWA retreat and this year we have a treat in store for you!  The retreat will be held at the Tempe Center for the Arts in room 201 on Saturday, June 7, from 10am to 3pm.
This is an opportunity to thank everyone for their time and talents in making AWA a great organization. Also, we want to welcome our new board members and allow them an opportunity to talk to their peers about their new positions and what they will be doing in 2014-2015.  We will also have a fun art project to create for you to take home.
We are having a boxed lunch catered so I will need to hear from you if you plan to attend by Monday, May 19, 2013.  As soon as I have the menu from the caterer I will forward them on to you for your selection.  I need to have your selections in by Thursday, May 22 no later than 12pm.   I will unavailable until the 29th of May so there is urgency in getting all the details taken care of this week.
I hope you can attend and look forward to hearing from you.
Sherry Kimmel
AWA President Emeritus

Meeting May 8th

Hello Fellow AWA Members,

Just a gentle reminder that the Board and the General meetings take place on Thursday, May 8th at the AAG Building 18411 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix. It is located near the corner of 7th Ave. and Union Hills. Two important events will be taking place. First of all there will be a short business meeting during which time new Board members will be elected. A vote will be taken to hold a short business meeting in October to vote on a few updates, corrections to the Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Second, there will be the annual critique. The critiquers this year are Stan Kurth and Jo Toye. Be sure to bring a painting to be critiqued.

The Fun Table and sign ups and registration for the 2014-2015 AWA year will start at 7pm. Snacks will be served and you will have time to socialize with fellow painters. The meeting starts promptly at 7:30pm. Please plan to attend. A quorum of members is necessary to hold the election.

The Board meets at 5:15 for a short social and the meeting itself starts promptly at 5:30. Board Members, be sure to be there to wind up the year. 

Have a happy summer and do lots of painting.

Diane Parnitzke

Member Show Opportunities

The announcement below is an example of the notices I receive in hopes that they will be passed on to members. Unless something changes, the deadline will be May 1 and our members will miss a chance at the $10,000 prize. Betsy Dillard Stroud is the judge and she thinks the communication about this has been limited so our members have a good chance at winning. Doesn’t it seem that a few of our members would like to know about this sort of thing? Isn’t it value added to know AWA will keep them informed about opportunities? We don’t have to send out every add, but a place to post short summaries with addresses for members to follow up on their own would seem to be a benefit to members. We almost did this once before, but nobody offered to monitor and post the announcements. securedownloadAt that time they were just going to be 3-line summaries in the newsletter. One option is to collect the announcements and type a summary page once or twice a month and then send that to Casey to post on the website. However, someone would need to spend an hour or so per month to make that work. The easiest thing to do would be for all of us on the board and committees to forward any opportunity that warrants being shared to a single who would e-blast groups of opportunities o members when deadlines near or there are enough to make up a message. The e-blast would be titled “Member Show Opportunities” or something similar so people don’t even need to open them if they don’t want to.

This was going to be discussed at the last meeting, but we ran out of time…


Where’s Art?

Here is an idea an art group uses in Wenatchee to publicize their group. “Art” spends a month at a time at various locations around town including his little stash of brochures. He visits art stores but also restaurants, etc.  Whacha think?
Jeremy Jones, President Emeritus
Have you seen ART lately?
Check out the Cottage Inn.  If you find Art you could win a nice prize! IMG_4088
IMG_4090 ART will be here until April 22nd.


AWA WFWS Media Release

Arizona Watercolor Association
P.O. Box 30693
Phoenix, AZ 85046


     Phoenix, Arizona (March 27, 2014) – Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), today announced the upcoming opening of the “39TH Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition”.

     The Exhibition opens April 2, 2014 through April 30, 2014, at the Fountain Hills Community Center located at 13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. Hours are generally 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and other times as events are scheduled. You can reach the Community Center by calling (480) 816-5200 for specific hours.

     The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) was formed 39 years ago through the foresight and work of Dr. David Gale (1915-1980) of the New Mexico Watercolor Society. Today the WFWS includes over 4500 artists in twelve regional watercolor societies and guilds. The WFWS encourages and recognizes artistic excellence and works to increase visibility of watercolor as an artistic medium through their annual exhibitions. Each of the twelve societies takes the opportunity to host the event, so AWA is pleased to host this year.

     Artists from these art societies, including the AWA, entered their paintings and 110 were juried into this prestigious exhibition. The artwork is inspiring and the public and Media are invited to view the exhibition. Artists from the following art societies are represented: Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), Colorado Watercolor Society-Denver (CWS), Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS), Nevada Watercolor Society-Las Vegas (NWS), New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS), San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS), Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild-Tucson (SAWG), Southwestern Watercolor Society-Dallas/Fort Worth (SWS), Texas Watercolor Society-San Antonio (TWS), Utah Watercolor Society-Salt Lake City (UWS), Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO), West Texas Watercolor Society-Lubbock (WTWS). A total of 24 delegates representing the art societies and winning artists will be visiting the valley for several days enjoying local attractions.

     INVITATION: AWA Hosting Committee Chair, JoEllen Layton and Co-Chair, Kathryn Tartaglia, personally invite the public and the media to the Awards Ceremony being held on Friday, April 25th at the Fountain Hills Community Center. The Awards Presentation and Art Show will be held from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM so come early to enjoy the paintings and meet many of the artists. This event is FREE to the public and is always an exciting event.

     The Juror for this exhibition featured Chen-Kee Chee. He is Associate Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, is a Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society, signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America (Master Status) and many other societies. He conducted a fabulous workshop in Arizona in March, as well as a demo at the AWA monthly meeting. It was a privilege to meet him and his wife. To read the biography of this sensational artist and teacher, visit the Western Federation website at

About Arizona Watercolor Association
     The Arizona Watercolor Association (the AWA) was founded in 1960 by professional watercolor artists and instructors. It hosts a National Watercolor Exhibition and two Membership Exhibitions, all juried by nationally acclaimed artists. We host monthly meetings filled with instruction and information about local events. Visit the website at for details about the current ART AUCTION fundraiser going on now! Also, learn about our art scholarships, membership information, and the great opportunities to participate in future workshops and exhibitions.

     We also invite you to ‘Like Us’ on our Facebook page at:

     For more information please contact: Hosting Committee Co-Chair, Kathryn Tartaglia at 480-229-1023 (Cell Number).

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