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AWA has a fresh talent by the name of Andrea Merican. She is purposeful and driven in the pursuit of her craft. She identifies herself as left brain, intentional with her art and right brain, resolute with her business and digital sense. Her art is modern, original and highly creative. To wit; she was recently the featured artist at the Tempe Art Festival held this Spring. This is one of many crowning achievements in her young career in the world of watercolor.
Andrea has been an artist since her early years without knowing what the outcome of such efforts and talent would be. Her grandfather encouraged her art yearnings and she continued to develop aptitude throughout high school. Andrea attended art school and further art classes. She is “goal-oriented” and organized. She plans out her projects and is extremely focused on the outcome.
Andrea and her husband love to travel and this gives her grist for her many projects. At the present time she is interested in portraits, animals and botanical paintings. She explained that she has an idea for a painting and pursues it in steps. She spends some time drawing and then positioning her easel upright she proceeds to an initial wash with all the drips and loose qualities that she appreciates. The eyes are her main concentration, at first. “If I get them correct , then I continue.” The windows of light or white paper are precious to her. The end result is a painting with brilliance and color.
Perhaps every artist has several goals at different times of their art life. Andrea’s marketing skills are superb. She desires to have a superlative finished product and she also wishes to make a living as an artist. To this end, she wishes to reach the exposure that would warrant this type of outcome.
She is a star to watch. She is shooting for the top and is certain to achieve this pinnacle!!


Tip of the Month

Our 1st Tip of the Month:

June 2015
“If your paintings lack sparkle, try a limited palette of colors”.
Mary Valesano

May 2015
“Let your painting dry between washes to avoid muddy colors (echoed by Eric Weigardt).
Watercolors are made of either small chunks of minerals or various natural or synthetic dyes floating in Gum Arabic, which is basically clear glue.You can build up many levels of colors each separated by the clear level of gum Arabic. The separation of various colors allows the light to bounce around and produce rich colors with a lot of depth compared to having all of the minerals and pigments stirred together to make flat browns and grays. Think of it as sparkling jewels floating above the reflective paper versus a pile of mud on the paper that blocks reflection.” – Jeremy Jones

April 2015
“Make the corners (sides) of your painting smile.” – John Erwin

March 2015
“My first art instructor told me early on that you can’t have lights unless you have darks.” – Jane Underhill

Reminder Monthly Meeting

Hello Fellow AWA Members,

Just a friendly reminder that the AWA Meeting of the  2014-2015 year is every 2nd Thursday at 7pm, of each month September – May (except December no meeting)

It is being held again this year at the AAG (Arizona Artists Guild) Building located at 18411 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

7:00 – we socialize, munch on great snacks, sign up for workshops, visit the fun table and socialize some more.

At 7:30 we begin the “formal” program starting off with introductions, announcements, and updates, then the real exciting part begins

A Watercolor Demonstration/Presentation will entertain and educate you  You do not want to miss any of these demonstrations.

I look forward to seeing you at the monthly meetings. The newsletter is uploaded and HERE for those who may have not received their newsletter yesterday.

Happy Painting,
Myra Feldman
(e-blast chair)

Board meeting will meet at 5:15pm in the “back” room of the AAG Building. You are asked to come at 5:00pm so you may have some time to socialize.

AWA Calendar 2015

5/14, Thursday, AWA Board Mtg. 5:15 PM. 7-7:30 Social. Annual Meeting at 7:30: Election of officers, Ballot Vote for Candidates running for President. Elle Gould and Diane Kent. HONOREE OF THE MONTH, SHIRLEY KLEIN Kleppe: ALSO: Critique of 2 (two) of your works by Norm Wilson and Tom Herbert.
5/16, Retreat for outgoing and incoming Board Members at AAG. Time 10:00-3:00
*** Your 2015-2016 Dues need to be paid. $45.00

8/1, deadline for entries to Fall Juror Show. More info to come see Web for Show information

9/10, Welcome to new AWA year. , AWA Board Mtg. 5:15, 7-7:30 Social, 7:30 General mtg. featuring slides from the WFWS(Western Federation of Watercolor Societies,2015),

10/7,8,9, 3 day workshop with Lian Quan Zhen 9-4 at AAG.
10/8, AWA Board mtg., 5:15…7-7:30 Social time, 7:30 General Mtg. Demonstration by Lian Quan Zhen
10/10, 1 day workshop with Lian Quan Zhen, 9-4 at AAG.

11/12. AWA Board mtg., 5:15, 7-7:30 Social, General Mtg. 7:30. Demonstration by Kim Johnson
11/14, One day Member Workshop with Kim Johnson, 9-4 AAG, get entry form from web site

Happy Holidays:
2016. More info coming

For certain: Gen mtg. 1/14, 2/11, 3/10,
3/12, One day Member Workshop with Sue Hunter, 9-4 AAG, get entry form from web site

Featuring Candice Diaz

Today, we are featuring AWA member, Candice Diaz, Co-Director at Large for Membership Workshops.   Below we are showcasing a wonderful painting Candice did for the AWA 2013 Fall Membership Show called “Stitch in Time”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Watercolor on Scratch Board

The attached painting is just another fun thing to consider as part of the rules changes. This is a watercolor on scratch board! Basically, everything but the black is scratched off a white panel and then the white areas are painted. You can do this in a way the creates a texture on the white area that influences the look of the painted area.scratch hawk


Member Show Opportunities

The announcement below is an example of the notices I receive in hopes that they will be passed on to members. Unless something changes, the deadline will be May 1 and our members will miss a chance at the $10,000 prize. Betsy Dillard Stroud is the judge and she thinks the communication about this has been limited so our members have a good chance at winning. Doesn’t it seem that a few of our members would like to know about this sort of thing? Isn’t it value added to know AWA will keep them informed about opportunities? We don’t have to send out every add, but a place to post short summaries with addresses for members to follow up on their own would seem to be a benefit to members. We almost did this once before, but nobody offered to monitor and post the announcements. securedownloadAt that time they were just going to be 3-line summaries in the newsletter. One option is to collect the announcements and type a summary page once or twice a month and then send that to Casey to post on the website. However, someone would need to spend an hour or so per month to make that work. The easiest thing to do would be for all of us on the board and committees to forward any opportunity that warrants being shared to a single who would e-blast groups of opportunities o members when deadlines near or there are enough to make up a message. The e-blast would be titled “Member Show Opportunities” or something similar so people don’t even need to open them if they don’t want to.

This was going to be discussed at the last meeting, but we ran out of time…


AWA WFWS Media Release

Arizona Watercolor Association
P.O. Box 30693
Phoenix, AZ 85046



The West Texas Watercolor Society will host the 40th Annual Show of WFWS in 2015

Details coming soon



2014 Show was hosted by

Phoenix, Arizona (March 27, 2014) – Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), today announced the upcoming opening of the “39TH Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition”.

The Exhibition was April 2, 2014 through April 30, 2014, at the Fountain Hills Community Center located at 13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.

The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) was formed 39 years ago through the foresight and work of Dr. David Gale (1915-1980) of the New Mexico Watercolor Society. Today the WFWS includes over 4500 artists in twelve regional watercolor societies and guilds. The WFWS encourages and recognizes artistic excellence and works to increase visibility of watercolor as an artistic medium through their annual exhibitions. Each of the twelve societies takes the opportunity to host the event, so AWA is pleased to host this year.

Artists from these art societies, including the AWA, entered their paintings and 110 were juried into this prestigious exhibition. The artwork is inspiring and the public and Media are invited to view the exhibition. Artists from the following art societies are represented: Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), Colorado Watercolor Society-Denver (CWS), Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS), Nevada Watercolor Society-Las Vegas (NWS), New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS), San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS), Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild-Tucson (SAWG), Southwestern Watercolor Society-Dallas/Fort Worth (SWS), Texas Watercolor Society-San Antonio (TWS), Utah Watercolor Society-Salt Lake City (UWS), Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO), West Texas Watercolor Society-Lubbock (WTWS). A total of 24 delegates representing the art societies and winning artists will be visiting the valley for several days enjoying local attractions.

INVITATION: AWA Hosting Committee Chair, JoEllen Layton and Co-Chair, Kathryn Tartaglia, personally invite the public and the media to the Awards Ceremony being held on Friday, April 25th at the Fountain Hills Community Center. The Awards Presentation and Art Show will be held from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM so come early to enjoy the paintings and meet many of the artists. This event is FREE to the public and is always an exciting event.

The Juror for this exhibition featured Chen-Kee Chee. He is Associate Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, is a Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society, signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America (Master Status) and many other societies. He conducted a fabulous workshop in Arizona in March, as well as a demo at the AWA monthly meeting. It was a privilege to meet him and his wife. To read the biography of this sensational artist and teacher, visit the Western Federation website at

About Arizona Watercolor Association
The Arizona Watercolor Association (the AWA) was founded in 1960 by professional watercolor artists and instructors. It hosts a National Watercolor Exhibition and two Membership Exhibitions, all juried by nationally acclaimed artists. We host monthly meetings filled with instruction and information about local events. Visit the website at for details about the current ART AUCTION fundraiser going on now! Also, learn about our art scholarships, membership information, and the great opportunities to participate in future workshops and exhibitions.

We also invite you to ‘Like Us’ on our Facebook page at:

For more information please contact: Hosting Committee Co-Chair, Kathryn Tartaglia at 480-229-1023 (Cell Number).

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