March 2018 News

Presidents Message

As our organization continues to move forward I hope you are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities AWA is presenting to you.  There is so much going on right now and, as I was struggling to sort it out, my husband suggested I not forget to have fun.  As always, he helps me get through the chaos and get straight to the point.

“I hope you are loving your art”, he said… “Enjoy it.”  He’s right… I get so busy, it’s easy to forget why I am involved; it’s because I LOVE TO MAKE ART.

So let’s make a toast to making art!  Take a class, teach a class, paint with friends, put a painting in a show, give a painting to a friend.  Celebrate your artistic self.

I also want to encourage you to become familiar with our website:  as this is our main method of communication.  Whether you are looking for Information on Monthly Programs, Workshops, Exhibitions, Membership or Community Outreach you will find what you need there.

It’s also time to pay your dues and sign up for an open Board Member or Committee Chair position.  Think about how you can help AWA.  It takes a community to keep the organization healthy!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”    – Thomas Merton

Ruth Philliben, President