Del Decil Scholarship

2021 AWA – Del Decil Scholarship                                         April 2021


April 6th, AAG & AWA scholarship committee met to select the scholarship recipients. Five people spent 3 hours carefully going over each candidate’s submission. The applicant must submit three images and a statement that explains their interests and how they plan to use their education. The process starts with a quick overview… then, we start taking people out of the running. The hard part is getting down to the last few that will not make the cut. The artists statement plays an important role in this decision. As scholarship chair, I have the final say on AWA selections, however, I also ask for the committee’s input on my decisions.

There were many entries with ceramic/clay, wood installation and printmaking as a focus. Several artists working in water media, drawing and charcoal were eligible to be selected for our awards.


After much deliberation we came to the conclusion to award two artists with the AWA – Del Decil scholarships:

  • Hanna Schlossmacher – ASU student – Major in Painting – $1,000.
  • Kelsey Phillips – ASU student – Major in Drawing and Painting – $2,000.

AWA is honored to reward students that pursue education in the arts and especially painting.


Dyanne Locati, AWA Scholarship Chair

Carole Matthews, AWA Scholarship Raffle Table


Kelsey Phillips:  “Wingbats”, acrylic on canvas 24” x 24”

Kelsey Phillips: “Petunias”, ballpoint pen and golf leaf on Bristol 14” x 11”

Hannah Schlossmacher: “Imprisoned Rain”, watercolor with white and brown ink, 30’ x 66”

Hannah Schlossmacher: “Just Bee”, watercolor over Intaglio print 5”x 7”


Del Decil Scholarship Fund

Stella Waters Decil (Del) was a prolific oil and watercolor artist and longtime member of AWA.  A popular workshop instructor and juror in Arizona and New Mexico, she was a teacher of painting and drawing for the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.  She critiqued art students at Maricopa Tech and was a juror of the Youth Division AZ State Fair.  She was published in numerous magazines and newspapers, and her paintings hung in several collections in 20 states.

A monetary legacy was bequeathed from her estate to be used for college art students.  This program was developed in 2009 under the direction of AWA President, Diane Parnitzke.  The program offers up to $3000, to be awarded to the student (s) whose artwork demonstrates artistic merit and achievement in the area of water-media.  The winning student (s) receives the scholarship to the school of their choice for tuition/books/art materials.


Joint Venture with AWA and AAG

AWA was fortunate to recently join Arizona Artists Guild Scholarship Committee in the task of finding candidates for the AWA Del Decil Scholarship.  AAG is well known among the local colleges and frequently had candidates who submitted water media artworks to their committee.  Because of these contacts, and the well-established process, AWA was able to reach a broader group of students to receive our scholarship.  Note:  the Del Decil Scholarship is given from the fund established by Del Decil in her legacy and does not impact AWA’s operating funds.