August 2018 News

President’s Message

Welcome to our new year!  We have an exciting schedule ahead of us with newly established goals established by the Board / Committee Chairs at our annual spring retreat.  These leadership members demonstrate a wealth of knowledge, talent, and enthusiasm for AWA.  We are so fortunate to have them donating their time to help our organization continue to grow.

To continue to be a viable organization, we need to expand our membership to include younger artists; update our methods of communication and continue to make our programs and exhibitions challenging and worthwhile.  Toward this effort, we are focusing our goals on:

  1. Expanding our membership to youth by
    1. Introducing a Student Membership (for high school and college students)
    2. Providing Watercolor Workshops for Art Teachers from local public schools
  2. Utilizing updated methods of communication by
    1. Expanding Media Center during our programs (collaboration with AAG) to include large screen TV and camcorder for direct viewing of demonstrations on large screen TV
    2. Expanding our Advertising
  3. Expanding our Monthly Programs
    1. Re-introducing monthly critique during the social hour (limit 1 painting per person)
  4. Clarifying our Title by adding a Tag Line to AWA which would give the message that our watercolor organization also includes acrylic and other water media (more information will be forthcoming)
  5. Posting our Membership Directory on the website on a quarterly basis.
  6. Other goals were established to provide direction for ongoing committees and will be addressed in Board Meetings and programs as indicated.

Please thank all the volunteers of the AWA Board and Committee Chairs for sharing their time and expertise.  We still have a few positions open on the Board, so think about volunteering.  One newly created position is that of the President Elect.  This person will become President of AWA next year and gives the upcoming President an opportunity to gain a lot of experience in the year preceding his/her presidency.

See you in September!

Ruth Philliben, President