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Who’s on the Board and who are the Committee Leads?

Who’s on the Executive Board?
President Ruth Philliben  480-961-2186
1st Vice President (Membership/Database) Sally Gonzalez  703-395-4021
Co-Vice President
Sam Morse  602-863-0538
2nd Vice president (Membership Exhibitions) Jane Underhill  602-795-3545
3rd Vice President (Programs) Harvey Wood  602-246-2986
Recording Secretary Minutes and Records Christine Oliver 602-992-8022
Corresponding Secretary (Newsletter Distribution) Lizabeth Gordon 623-487-0345
Treasurer Bruce Sink 602-738-8121
Financial Secretary WFWS Open
Western Federation Delegate  Linda Burruss  435-512-9454
Western Federation Delegate (Alternate)  Sheila Bellard  520-350-2577
Director at Large (National Show) Opportunity!
Co-Director(National Show) Opportunity!
Director at Large (Juror Workshops) Sheila Bellard 520 350-2577
Co-Director (Juror Workshops Mary Valesano 480-980-7457
Director at Large (Membership Workshops) Pam Root 602-291-5986
Co-Director at Large (Membership Workshops) Candice Diaz 602-510-6810
President Emeritus Linda Schooley 970-216-7774

Who are the Committee Leads?

AZ Art Alliance Representative Judy Delmonico-Roll 480-990-1359
Bylaws Parlimentarian Dolly Maitzen 480-585-9646
Calling Committee Sheila Bellard

Mary Velasano



Charitable FundraiserCommunity OutReach



Sherry Kimmel

Diane Parnitzke



Directory Information  OPEN
Fun Table Katherine Kurgen 480-636-9130
Historian Bonnie Cheney 623-572-5904
Honor Society Shirley Klein Kleppe 480-585-5699
Merchant Awards Karen Riehm 602-318-5387
Newsletter Chief Editor Liz Ramsey 480-747-7763
Newsletter Publisher Mary Valesano 480-980-7457
Overhead Mirror Setup OPEN
Photography Karen Riehm 602-318-5387
Prospectus/Award Certificates Nancy Herbst 480-839-8827
Publicity Jane Underhill 602-795-3545
Scholarships Chair Linda Schooley 970-216-7774
Scholarships Co-Chair Carol Matthews 480-595-0017
Scholarship Raffles, Special Raffles OPEN
Social Committee Joyce Parmely 623-931-9719
Social Committee Co-Chair Gurukirn Khalsa 602-510-1541
Student Membership Committee Chair Opportunity!
Student Membership Committee Co-Chair Candice Diaz 602-510-6810
WebMaster David Amsellem 480-216-3938
 E-Blast  Myra Feldman 480-467-4460

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Please refer to our board member and committee chairperson list with any questions


Physical Mail:
PO Box 30693
Phoenix, AZ 85046