Volunteer Opportunities

Current Needs:

AWA is always in need of members who want to make a difference. From time to time we have specific needs for volunteers that develop as demand increases for a given service or due to other circumstances. When such needs occur they will be posted here.  Please take a look at our current open positions and their respective roles for more information.

Our current needs are as follows:

AWA Exhibition Positions Descriptions 

2nd VP: Exhibitions Director (needed)

(Board/voting position) Responsible for Exhibitions: Designs and disseminates prospectus (2-3 months before exhibition); composes eblasts to membership regarding the exhibitions; organizes and coordinates with committees; accepts entries and checks; makes bank deposits; sends out acceptance/rejection notices; keeps spreadsheets listing artists, entries, email addresses, etc; sends list of accepted artists and their titled works to title card creator; sends acceptances and awards lists (including painting titles) and gold seals to certificate chair; sends spreadsheet of accepted artists and their painting titles and sizes to hanging committee chair; coordinates dates with juror; requests checks for expenditures; organizes and presents awards at the reception; submits final report to board. (Jane will continue in the role through the fall show, 2017)

Exhibitions Co-Chair

Receives and manages images for the exhibition; compiles and mails CD/flashdrive of submitted images to the juror; emails select juried images to PR Chair; creates CD/flashdrive of final exhibition and award winners to be used at the awards reception and to be sent to our webmaster. (Carol Baker will resume this role beginning with the spring 2018 exhibition.)

Exhibitions Display/Hanging (needed)

Establishes the layout of the exhibition (2-3 weeks before exhibition) and works with crew and venue contact to hang paintings and title cards at the venue. (needs 2-3 helpers)

Exhibitions Title Cards  (needed)

Creates title cards listing title, artist and pricing, to be hung near each painting at the venue. These should be delivered either to the hanging committee or brought to the venue before hanging commences.

Exhibitions Receiving/Releasing (needed)

Checks paintings in and out at the venue during hanging and takedown and receives and returns any shipped paintings. (needs 2-3 helpers)

Exhibitions Awards Reception (needed)

Responsible for reception setup (procuring food, beverages, cups, napkins, etc.), and takedown. (needs 2-3 helpers)

Exhibitions Venue (needed)

Responsible for contacting and contracting with galleries that are appropriate for future shows (6-12 months before exhibition).

Exhibitions Merchant Awards (needed) Responsible for contacting local and national merchants to procure prizes for our merchant award winners and giving the list to the 2nd VP at least two weeks before the reception. (Awards for the 2017 fall exhibition are in place.)