August 2017 News

Here we are kicking off our new season with the magnificent 2017 Fall Exhibition running from September 16th through October 14th at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. We had a wonderful field of entries from our membership that I’m sure gave our esteemed juror, Anne Abgott, some hard choices as she selected the show. Thanks to all who sent entries and remember, if you didn’t make it into this show you can enter your work again as long as it was completed within three years of the exhibition date, and a special congratulations to all first-time exhibitors!
Please make every effort to take in this beautiful exhibition by visiting the SAS located at 3720 North Marshall Way in Scottsdale. Hours are Monday –Friday, 8:30-5 pm and Saturday, 8:30- noon and 1-4 pm.
Because Ms. Abgott will be with us during the final week of our exhibition giving her workshops, we will be adding our artist awards reception to our regular monthly meeting on October 12th. You will be able to see the award winning paintings and hear from Anne herself as she explains the reasons they were selected from the field to receive these awards. Anne will be giving a demo that night too, so be sure to add this date to your calendar, so you won’t miss out on a unique evening of fun and art. Your fellow artists receiving awards that night will appreciate your support too. And if that weren’t enough, there will be lots of yummy treats available for the celebration. See you all there!
– – Submitted by: Jane Underill, Exhibitions Director

July 2017 News

We are very excited to be updating our website.  Be sure to check back periodically over the summer to stay up to date on news and events as our planning unfolds.  Please click through the site in accordance with your interests or specific to your assigned tasks and give us feedback with regards  to what needs to be adjusted  / updated.

We hope you are having a great summer.
Keep cool and have an inspired month!

May 2017 News

President’s Message

News from the Board:
It’s amazing how quickly the year passes; we have only one more meeting before we take our summer hiatus. Our May meeting will be busy with the annual general membership meeting (voting in board members; voting for bylaws changes); presentation of our student scholarship award winner and critique of member’s artwork.  please bring one of your paintings for this critique.
The board will be meeting in June to transition positions and discuss moving forward. Many plans for next year are already in place; check the website for more information.  Programs, workshops and at least one exhbition are already scheduled.
We will be discussing other ways in which we can reach out and make ourselves visible to the community.
I wish to thank all the Board Members, Committee Chairs and myriad of other volunteers for their contributions to making this year so successful. Some of these members are very visible, other members are not so visible, but without all those actions, our organization would not run smoothly. I also want to thank the Nominating Committee for procuring Board Members and Committee Chairs for next year.
I am proud to serve as your President for another year. I have learned so much about our organization and so many members have helped me along the way.  Thank you!

Ruth Philliben

April 2017 News

President’s Message

News from the Board:

Only two more meetings to go and then we take a break for summer… how time flies! We just finished with our fourth membership workshop and had a wonderful time painting with Stan Kurth. He challenged us to push beyond our boundaries and trust our artistic selves.

On April 13, we will celebrate the spring exhibition award winners; and on May 11, we will be holding our annual General Membership Meeting. During that meeting, we will vote on Bylaws Changes & Board Member/Committee Chair nominations.

The AWA Board and Committee Chairs get together for a ‘retreat’ in June. We will be discussing ways in which we might increase our communication with members and potential members. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with a board member.

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye.. it also includes the inner pictures of the

soul.” Edvard Munch

Ruth Philliben